Sunday, 7 August 2011

Some new work...

Here are some "corner flowers" and "houses" that I made last week for Flow (gallery) in Notting Hill:

It was a nightmare trying to drill on the corners of the pieces of wood, especially on the largest one as the wood was so thick! These pieces were based on the "Blue Corner Flower" I made during my MA (of which I only made one due to the challenge of drilling on the corner and not messing it up!):

The new pieces didn't quite work out the same as the original, mainly due to the white and blue colouring of the driftwood, but I was pleased with them and I like all four pieces together!

A castle on a very thin piece of driftwood:

You can't see it so clearly but I really like this piece, the stitches are quite big and chunky. The shape and colours of this piece were based on the castle necklace I made a few years ago:

A little house on a smaller, uneven piece of wood (complete with yellow birds!):

A cottage on a piece of black driftwood (this one is my favourite, I particularly like the colours, the roof and the number 2 on the door!):

This piece was based on my "thatched cottage" necklace (which I recently sent to a customer in The Netherlands and it got lost, RIP necklace):

As these pieces are much larger than the necklaces they were based on I had a lot more room to play with and so could add in extra features and add more detail.

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