Sunday, 21 August 2011

Going back to the Simple Shapes.............

For the past two weeks I have been working on two Simple Shape pieces for the On Repeat show which runs from 8th September to 5th November at Flow in Notting Hill. This has meant revisiting the working style of the final year of my BA, which was 5 years ago now so it has been a bit strange undertaking these pieces instead of working with my usual driftwood! The two working methods are very different even though they can both be very repetitive.

The first piece, One thousand and twenty-seven, is made from cork and consists of 1027 pieces of hand-cut cork and poly-cotton shapes. The second piece, Five hundred and seventy, is made from clear and white polypropylene alongside poly-cotton pieces. Here are a few pictures taken whilst I was cutting out the simple shapes (I didn't realise that the cork piece had quite so many pieces in it!):


Unfortunately I have run out of the olive and khaki coloured fabric for the cork piece (I only need 5 more little pieces of it!) so I'm going to have to make an emergency materials trip to London this week in order to finish this one off. I also need to buy backing plastic and one more bracket so that I can alter both pieces in order that they can be affixed curved to the wall. I will blog the final results once they are finished! I have been quite worried about these pieces as they're not easy to undertake, so I will be very glad once they are completed and delivered to Flow! It has also been interesting for me as these pieces are purposefully quite a bit larger than the ones I made for my BA so I am wondering if this will affect their end result....

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