Friday, 2 December 2011

A couple of beach combing photos from Scotland....

In October I went to Edinburgh for a few days quiet time, but unbeknown to me the chilly shores of Scotland are amazing for providing fantastic beach combing finds. So it was less quiet time and more beach combing time! Here are some shots from those few days:

Whenever I'm beach combing it's always "head straight down"and eagle-eyes at the ready

Finding ceramics amongst the mallards!

 After a long and cold day beach combing, I empty my pockets, lay out my finds and take stock (I was much happier than I appear to be in the photograph; I think I'm concentrating!)...

 ..... amongst which are some really beautiful pieces of blue china.

I'm really, really excited about making some new pieces with my Scottish finds so please watch this space to see what I come up with! Hopefully lots more trips to the Scottish Shores will soon follow and then I'll have a wealth of beautiful found objects.

Many thanks to Collette for her photographic skills and her patience during my beach combing exploits!