Sunday, 7 August 2011

"Green Art", St Albans....

I just realised that I have never blogged about the Green Art Sculpture Trail that I was involved in (shock horror!).

I devised, planned and executed two series of “Colour, Wrapping and Found Object” workshops, firstly with the Transition Group from Oaklands College (16-19 year olds) and then with members of the Referral Group (more mature participants). During April and May both groups sourced a variety of found objects from a small section of the Alban Way (a 6.5 mile section of former railway line that ran between St Albans and Hatfield), including hub caps, twigs, logs, metal springs, car accessories, letter boxes and clamps.

These objects were then manipulated, drilled and embellished with thread, ribbon, wool, string, fabric and felt during workshops at the St Albans Museum. The finished pieces have recently been installed back along the Alban Way at two sites. The first site is nearby to where the objects were found and both areas form part of the Sculpture Trail situated within the green ring that surrounds St Albans. They have been combined with the products of four similar workshop events, adorning the natural environment and encouraging locals to interact with their surroundings.

Here's a picture of the materials the groups could work with:

Some of the strange and unusual items that were collected:

A brief introduction to my work and the idea of wrapping, with the demonstration pieces having been undertaken by some work experience students from the University of Hertfordshire:

Some pictures of finished works and works in progress....

A very hefty log:

We started workshop 2 by making flowers by layering up felt shapes and holding them together using small lace pins:

Some of these flowers then adorned one of the decorated objects:

A harp-like construction, very neatly wrapped:

This piece reminds me of a sling-shot:

Made with old shirts and wool on a broken terracotta found-object:

A hub-cap decorated by one of the boys:

Works in progress:

An unusually shaped wire item:


A fine example of a finished piece in the beautiful, sunny garden of the Museum:

Another lovely piece, combining a found tile with various ribbons and thread:

Me anxiously drilling and hoping not to make any mistakes!:

A lovely, complex piece made by one of the Referral Group (situated in the Museum garden):

 Two colourful pieces together:

I worked closely with Chris Blanch the Arts Development Officer from St Albans Arts Sport & Health Development on this project, and here she is nestled within our second re-siting spot amongst the art:

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  1. Wow. Fantastic monster there. The urbanity monster striding forth, as it does in most cities of the world. Nice hand-drawn banner too. Something like this image, , by French painter Fernand Léger, maybe effective painted large on a wall too, acknowledged as a copy of course. It can be seen at and a canvas print of it can be ordered from there.