Driftwood Hearts - For Sale

I thought that it was about time to give my driftwood hearts their own page! It was hard to photograph them well from the front showing their top as well, so, I have taken a separate picture of each angle.

Burgundy, Soft Heart, £32.00
H= 7.7cm, W= 4.3cm, D = 1.3cm

Purple-Pink Heart, £32.00
H= 9.5cm, W= 4.1cm, D = 1.2cm

Small Red Heart Wedge, £32.00
H= 4.1cm, W= 8cm, D = 2cm 

Small Deep Pink Heart Wedge, £32.00
H= 3.8cm, W= 6.5cm, D = 1.8cm

Long Light Pink Heart, £32.00
H= 9.6cm, W= 5cm, D = 1.7cm 

Horizontal Rounded Heart, Deep Pink/ Purple, £32.00
H= 4.5cm, W= 8.4cm, D = 0.9cm

Dipped-Middle Red Heart, £32.00
H= 7.2cm, W= 4.2cm, D = 1.4cm 

Speckled Light Pink Heart, £32.00
H= 9.4cm, W= 4.3cm, D = 1.8cm 

Double Stitched Light Pink Heart. Non-standing (bracket on reverse), £32.00
H= 10.2cm, W= 3.4cm, D = 1cm  

 Unusual Dark Maroon Heart, £32.00
H= 6.5cm, W= 5.7cm, D = deepest 2.2cm 

Loop-de-loop Lightest Pink. Non-standing (bracket on reverse), £32.00
H= 7.4cm, W= 4.6cm, D = 0.9cm

Dipped, Dark Maroon Heart, £32.00
H= 11cm, W= 3cm, D = 2cm

Light-hearted Red Heart, £32.00
H= 4.4cm, W= 9.6cm, D = 0.9cm

Light Pink Block Heart, £32.00
H= 6.3cm, W= 4.9cm, D = 2.5cm

Holed Heart, Double Stitched, Light Maroon, £32.00
H= 7.6cm, W= 4.9cm, D = 1cm

Mid Pink Horizontal Heart, with Nail, £32.00
H= 4.3cm, W= 10.7cm, D = 1.3cm

Wide, Lightest Pink Heart, £32.00
H= 3.8cm, W= 8cm, D = 1.7cm