Sunday, 7 August 2011

RSPB Old Moor family workshop...

Last Wednesday I spent the day on the beautiful RSPB Old Moor reserve in Wombwell, Barnsley. I was leading the art workshop section of their "Wild Wednesday" school holiday feature, with help and assistance coming from many of their lovely volunteers.

Indoors young children and their parents/ grandparents were making decorative objects for their gardens by combining driftwood (shipped from Brighton) and branches from the reserve with various textile media. Whilst outdoors two volunteers were helping the youngsters to wrap a selection of trees using vibrantly coloured fabric, by all accounts the visitors very much enjoyed ripping the shiny fabric to make the fabric strips (it makes a great noise and is less arduous than cutting the jersey)! It was an extremely hot day but everyone did very well and produced some lovely pieces from the materials available to them. In fact, they were so good that everyone wanted to take them home rather than leave them for the reserve trees!! I did however manage to take some snaps of a few pieces....

This piece reminds me of a rain-stick, I think it looks great with the strands of ribbon hanging down (the Mother and Son team took more ribbon home so they could finish it off):

I think this piece was a bow, complete with a scoobie strap:

This is the first piece that was made and we hung it up as an example, the combination of the shiny ribbon with the silky fabric is lovely:

This piece was made by the same girl as above (and her Mum), it looked like an insect so they drew eyes on it to emphasise this. The Mum was pretty nifty with the scoobies, creating these flicked out sections!!:

A wrapped piece of driftwood with lively colours:

The workshop participants became very interested in the polystyrene and plastic innards of the ribbon reels, which they very neatly wrapped with the lengths of ribbon:

A well executed wrap of a thin branch from the reserve:

A vibrant and feminine colourscheme:

Two boys worked together to make this one (using lots of the different materials; wool, scoobies, fabric and ribbon, and they even managed to find a purple feather from somewhere!). They hung up the piece whilst going pond-dipping and bug-hunting:

A beautifully wrapped sunshine ribbon reel:

Towards the end of the day lots of people turned to making their pieces into necklaces and head decorations by drilling a hole at the end and threading a scoobie through, this is one green example:

Lisa, one of the volunteers, lovingly made this colourful beauty. Every time I looked over at her she was wrapping away, she said it was addictive!:

The back of the same piece:

Now for the beautifully wrapped trees which looked wonderful moving in the breeze:

A massive thanks to Kate and Rob for spending the day helping with tree wrapping and a big thanks to Ryan, Lisa, Delia, John and Lucy for all of their help during the day. An enormous thanks must also go out to Julia Makin who did an awful lot of thinking and planning for the event but sadly couldn't make it on the day. Thanks guys, I hope that everyone had a lovely day!!

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