Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Reflections and mirrors...


Another back-blog!

When I lived in Como I used to love coming across these large convex mirrors because they usually give you a view totally different from the one that you see in front of you:


This photo was taken in Brunate, which is situated high above Como town. I would often take myself off walking around Lake Como and on this particular day I decided not to take the funicolare (the "hillside trolley"), but instead to walk up the hill. Bearing in mind that it was a very hot day and there was no actual path that I could find to follow it ended up being a bit of a disaster. I had to scramble up through thick forest on the very steep hill and past angry, barking Alsatians! It was all worth it in the end though as the view from the top was always so beautiful. (I got the funicolare down!!). I like the fact that I am in this picture because I can remember how absolutely exhausted I was at the time!

This is the view from the top of Brunate, looking down past the funicolare into Como town, and below it is the view when you are just about to make it back to Como:

More mirrors...


The next two photos were taken in Belfast Zoo, with the first being a favourite:

A train journey from Sheffield to Loughborough (looking like it might start to rain!):

And when I got back to Loughborough it was raining! (the reflection of a barrier in a puddle on the way home from the station):

Finally, an Isle of Wight reflection in my sunglasses:

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