Sunday, 17 July 2011

Mood photographs....

This is a massive back-blog that definitely spans the years!

I have chosen these photos purely because I like their mood. This might be because they remind me of nice times or just because I like the photos, I'm not sure, but I hope that you like them too:

A rosy sunset viewed from the top of the peak in Hong Kong after having a delicious dinner with the girls from Texprint!

I have no real memory of this photo other than it must have been a boat we travelled on whilst in Hong Kong! I love the lights and the colourful bunting.

One of Hong Kong's very many tall buildings. I think I like the limited colour scheme in this image and the green foliage in the foreground. I guess I also like the atmosphere of it being night and there being lights shining! It seems slightly tropical.

The above two images are both from the Isle of Wight (one of my favourite places; memories of childhood holidays and tasty doughnuts!). I like the random nature and the angles of the hut over the shore and find the second photo scary but exhilarating! I also like the mottled sky.

The above three photographs were taken when I was in Belfast on textile business and went on a boat tour of where the Titanic was built. From what I remember it was a slightly sombre trip, slightly eerie thinking about what happened but the area was very beautiful in a strange way.

This photo was taken in Southbourne, West Sussex. It's a lovely area on the coast and if you look closely you can see the masts of lots of boats. I love the "dink-dink" noise that they make in the wind. I think that I may have a thing about the sky...

The above three photos were all taken in and around Como. I think that I love water too.. 

Taken on a boat trip to see the Forth of Firth Road Bridge (?!) just outside Edinburgh. If I am correct though then this is the bridge for the trains? I like the muted colours and really bright sky. The reflection of the bridge is pretty fine too.

Taken just outside the Notre Dame in Paris at sunset. I love it that there are loads of people milling about, just taking in the atmosphere in front of the beautiful Notre Dame up on the hill (the view is gorgeous from here).

Another Isle of Wight special. It's once again the colour scheme that draws me to this photo, I love the bright red against the very moody grey sky alongside the old style of building.  

This image is quite freaky. It was taken on one of my numerous train trips doing research for my major project on BA. It looks as though the landscape is moving both left and right at the same time whilst a very small area of the ground is actually in focus! I just like the movement in this image.

Corny I know but I like the birds on the wire; another train photo.

I've forgotten the name of this area in Sheffield but I think it might be the Peace Gardens. Either way it's a really lovely area of Sheffield city centre with grass for people to sit/ lie on and a big water feature for children to play in on hot summer days. It goes up and down at random times, often catching people out! It's just got a lovely atmosphere and is a wonderful place for people to sit and enjoy their lunchtime or day.

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