Thursday, 23 June 2011

Text imagery.....

Over the past few years I have come to appreciate text. Nothing spectacular and in fact maybe the more simple, the better, but here are a few I've come to love:

Another Como image. I think this reads "always drink Coca-Cola". This advert seemed quite out of place but I like it's basic structure and the fact that the scaffolding poles are evident. I almost feel like the sign should light up in neons at night but I think it's just a plain white sign!

I'm not sure who would name their boat "Lets Av Sum", but I really like the brazen text! This was taken on a very miserable day by the seaside in Eastbourne a few Sundays ago.

Lewes is the name of the town that I lived in until I was ten and now that I live in Brighton I like to go back there, especially if I can walk over the Downs to get there! Whoever wrote this obviously likes Lewes too! 

This building is about two minutes away from where I live and has been empty ever since I have lived here, but recently it's been undergoing renovation so I thought I'd best take these snaps before the text is gone forever! I love it when you can still see text even thought the lettering has long gone. This building must have been empty for years and years.

Love the font! Another Como image.

In a similar style, another example of Italian graffiti! I assume that "glue" is a tag?!

"Post No Bills", the first taken in Belfast and the second in New York a few years later.

Some lovely Brighton graffiti for you.

Little man on the back of a cat undertaking graffiti in East London?! 

A slightly weathered "zoo" sign in Belfast.  I love the peeling paint and foliage growing from the "z"!

It is more the man that appears to be walking on a surf board than the text that I like in this one! Taken in a really tasty ice-cream parlour on the Isle of Wight.

I am a massive fan of fairy lights and so this image taken in Hong Kong of the harbour tour sign brings a smile to my face with its rainbow colours!  I'm not sure why but I really, really like light!

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