Thursday, 23 June 2011

Back to the hearts....

I used to absolutely hate hearts (I'm not a girly-girl) but now I'm more accepting and thus I tend to see them in a lot of things; the shapes of leaves, odd bits of material on the floor and sometimes driftwood too. This piece I found on the beach yesterday and was too good not to photograph, especially after my first post of hearts:

Another heart related image, given to me by a friend many moons ago after we went on a trip to London, I was annoyed not to have seen the piece myself. I think it was taken in a cafe:


A very relaxed heart spotted in Milan during the Furniture Fair, I love it's worn away appearance:

Okay, I didn't realise how many images of hearts I have lurking in the depths, here are a few more:

When living in Italy my house mate and I were pretty stunned when our margheritas come out looking like this...

A gate somewhere near Como, Italy.

Another simple Italian heart.

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