Sunday, 16 October 2011

Yesterday, in Sunny Eastbourne....

Here are some photographs from my day trip to Eastbourne yesterday. I hadn't planned to take a trip to Beachy Head as well, but it was beautiful up there with the numerous paragliders flying about in the bright sunshine. Although I did actually take the very long (but more scenic) route and ended up freezing cold as the sun went in! I like the way that you can see the day coming to an end in the photographs. Enjoy!

 Heading up the hill, not quite sure where I'm meant to be going, but enjoying the view nonetheless!


 I love this photo!

 This photo looks like 3 pictures in 1! Check out Eastbourne Pier in the background.
I was very impressed that none of the paragliders bumped into each other, but they 
did come close when landing.

 Beachy Head Lighthouse!

 The pub, the people and the paragliders!

 Watching up above. (I love this photo too!)

 A dusk view of Eastbourne, and two Mister Magpies!

 A very quiet, and pretty, promenade.

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