Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Beach Combing Photographs............

I am so used to beach combing alone, but over the past few months I have had a few people join me, who have taken photos. It was nice to have the company but quite strange at the same time, and it demonstrated how fussy I am about what I pick up!

Here are a fine selection of the photographs to show you! Thanks to Eva, Gavin and Collette!

 Happy to find a good piece of driftwood!

 Making sure I comb the whole beach!

 Scaring the seagulls!

 Excusing the cheesy pose, this is a spot that I love to look at, it's always different!

 "I have great desire, my desire is great". Complete with the obligatory man-with-metal-detector!

 To keep or not to keep...?

 There is sand on Brighton beach!!

Not liking having my photo taken!

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