Sunday, 22 July 2012

Decorative Objects Workshop at Brighton and Hove High School....

Here are a selection of images from the workshop I ran in early June with the year 9s from Brighton and Hove High School:

The girls have a lovely space to work in

I love this original feline design!

I like the twisting of the thread on this piece

I'm loving these little text blocks...

 I love the way the text changes with the shape of the curved wood

Using a whole variety of media to create a very jazzy piece indeed!

A beautiful piece

 I like the separated bands on this piece, with their individual colour schemes that all relate to each other

 This piece is really fun, using the holders from the skeins of embroidery thread

 There's just something about plastic bags that is very appealing

I'm glad that someone used the peg!!

A very carefully considered piece with a lovely soft colour scheme

 Some really nice text pieces came out of this workshop

 I love this rabbit piece too, it was a bit of a mission to complete but it looks great as a result!

I really like this boldly coloured piece, it feels quite sculptural to me

A lovely monochrome colour scheme, very nice

The girls with their creations!


  1. Hi Ella, met you today at the GNCF, love your work! Will contact you with images if I manage to get the kids in my classes to do some work based around yours.